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From the Calculus to Set Theory traces the development of the calculus from the early seventeenth century through its expansion into mathematical analysis to the developments in set theory and the foundations of mathematics in the early twentieth century. It chronicles the work of mathematicians from Descartes and Newton to Russell and Hilbert and many, many others while emphasizing foundational questions and underlining the continuity of developments in higher mathematics. The other contributors to this volume are H. J. M. Bos, R. Bunn, J. W. Dauben, T. W. Hawkins, and K. Møller-Pedersen.
Collection of essays on the history of mathematics by distinguished authorities.
This review of literature on perspective constructions from the Renaissance through the 18th century covers 175 authors, emphasizing Peiro della Francesca, Guidobaldo del Monte, Simon Stevin, Brook Taylor, and Johann Heinrich. It treats such topics as the various methods of constructing perspective, the development of theories underlying the constructions, and the communication between mathematicians and artisans in these developments.
The author presents eleven mathematic problems and their solutions in story form for the reader. The calculus concepts on which the problems are based include; tangent and normal lines, optimization by use of criticla points, inverse trig functions, volumes of solids, surface area integrals, and modeling economic concepts using definite integrals". -- Back cover.
Drawings and short essays offer engaging and accessible explanations of key ideas in physics, from triangulation to relativity and beyond.
Applications of potential theory to modern geophysics with exercises and FORTRAN subroutines.
A comprehensive and intriguing account of the evolution of arithmetic and geometry, trigonometry and algebra, explores the interconnections among mathematics, physics, and mathematical astronomy and provides a history of the discipline from a new perspective. Originally published as The Norton History of the Mathematical Sciences. Reprint.

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