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Genre: Sissification Feminization Crossdressing Fem Dom Whether it's a hacker and released celebrity photos, a cruel sexist homophobic businessman, or a cheating husband, all three of these men discover their feminine side plus the pleasure of sex with strong alpha men while dressed in drag. This 34,600+ crossdressing / sissification / feminization erotica box set includes: The Fappening - Celebgate: Femdom Humiliation Erotica, Maid to Order: French Maid Erotica, and Rude Paul's Forced Sissification Gay Drag Sex Party. -- The Fappening - Celebgate: Femdom Humiliation EroticaGenre: Femdom Humiliation Erotica After thousands of photos and videos of nude celebrities are released by Doctor Byte, everyone can see Hollywood's erotic private moments. Jan - action star and America's Sweetheart isn't going to take this lying down (despite what you seen in her video). With her group of powerful celebrity friends, she'll give Doctor Byte a taste of his own medicine. Can she and her cadre really make a man understand what they went through? Never underestimate the power of celebrity and money when it comes to revenge. -- Maid to Order (Femdom Feminization): French Maid Erotica Genre: Feminization/Crossdressing - French Maid Erotica Every office has that one jerk who thinks they can get away with anything. Most aren't as bad as Paul. His racism, homophobia, and wandering hand on a long string of secretaries are costing the company big time. Peggy Miller's a 'fixer' for companies. It's her job to find troublesome employees and 'fix' them for good. Can she fix Paul and why does it involve a french maid outfit, a dirty bathroom, and a newly fired well hung janitor? -- Rude Paul's Forced Sissification Gay Drag Sex PartyReluctant Feminization / Sissification Stories What's a cheating husband to do to ensure he won't lose an upcoming divorce case? Blackmail his wife at Rude Paul's Drag Romp - the hottest show in the country starring she-males, transvestites, gays, and "straight" guys forced in drag. A desire for video evidence takes an erotic wrong turn with no turning back when he finds himself in a hotel room with a statuesque transsexual, a extremely friendly and horny gay usher, and his very angry wife. What will he have to do to avoid losing everything? What does his wife mean when she wants him to "experience what women have to go though"?
He's master of the house. She's mistress of his desires.... After an unsuccessful search for her dream job in architecture, Emma Mayson becomes a maid for an incredibly handsome, wealthy entrepreneur. But Russell Carrick is also a total workaholic who has lost his zest for life -- or has he just misplaced it? Setting aside her feather duster and her inhibitions, Emma rekindles her employer's passion with a fantasy world of boundless pleasure. But then the unthinkable happens: She falls for him. Can she make Russell see her as more than a plaything?
Book 1: From Sissy Maid to Pretty Flight AttendantJake has always been obsessed with sissy maids, but after seeing a beautiful flight attendant at the airport he decides to follow her and develops a new obsession with being an air hostess. He knows it's wrong to follow her but he's driven by deep envy of her stunning beauty and pretty uniform. She is everything he wants to be.After hatching a plan to meet her in real life, Jake discovers that the innocent young girl he idolizes is not so innocent and discovers a seedy underworld where pretty flight attendants double up as high class hookers. When the boss of the airline looks to hire his first transgender girl, Jake gets an opportunity to become both a pretty flight attendant and a stunning she male escort.Book 2 : Sissy Maid to Satin-clad WaitressMiriam's best friend has a catering company which is famous for pretty waitresses who dress as traditional French serving girls. One Saturday she's a waitress short and asks Miriam if she can fill in. She can't...but says that her boyfriend can. Despite his protestations Miriam insists, and the stage is set for Patrick's complete feminization as a satin-clad waitress. Forced to serve at a reunion dinner, he might end up serving the gentleman diners in ways he didn't expect.What Patrick doesn't know, though, is that this is all part of a deeper plan of revenge orchestrated by world famous sissy hunter, Elle Mesen. Poor Patrick (or maybe 'lucky Patrick' depending on your sissy desires) is on a path to being ruthlessly cuckolded, reconditioned and hired out as a sissy maid to a strong master.Book 3: Sissy Maid - Pornstar WifeWould you tell your best friend if you saw his fianc�e in a porno film some years before he met her? That is the dilemma that underpins this gripping tale of female domination, slurpy cuckolding and a hopeless husband forced to become his wife's sissy maid.In this case, Mickey decides not to tell his best friend what he knows about the fianc�e, meaning Victor marries a girl with one hell of a past. Not only that, but when Victor loses his job, Bailey decides to revive her career in adult movies telling her husband that he can't complain. Why? Because he's always fantasizing about cuckolding and fem dom in their dirty talk. This makes him the perfect sissy husband and sissy maid.Book 4: Sissy Husband: The Apocalypse of your MasculinityShe's onto you! Your other half has just read my article in Cosmo "How to tell if your man is a sissy", and now she's going to follow my advice and conduct a sissy identification test. With the aid of some hidden cameras and pretty satin lingerie, you're going to take the bait and reveal to her the sissy you are. If you are a sissy husband or boyfriend you should be afraid...very afraid!In this book I explain to you blow by blow what's going to happen in your house when she finds out what a pathetic little sissy you are. Far from kicking you out, she's going to bind you to her forever in service as a sissy cuckold maid. As she uses the experience to make a clean break and starts dating a constant stream of men, you will have to clean up their constant stream of creamy white goo. Just make sure it doesn't spill onto your frilly apron!

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