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Systems and Applications in Optical Fiber Sensor Technology The essential technology which underpins developments in optical fiber sensors continues to expand, and continues to be driven to a very large extent by advances in optoelectronics which have been produced for the ever-expanding optical com munications systems and networks of the world. The steps forward in the technol ogy, often accompanied by a reduction in the price of associated components, have been, and continue to be, adapted for use in a wide variety of optical fiber sensor systems. These include, for example, the use of photoinduced gratings as fiber sensor components, coupled with the wider availability of shorter wavelength lasers, bright luminescent sources and high-sensitivity detectors which have opened up new possibilities for both novel fiber optic sensor applications and new sensing systems. This is to be welcomed at a time when, coupled with integrated optic miniaturized devices and detectors, real possibilities of systems integration, at lower cost and increased utility, can be offered. The fiber laser, and the expansions of the types and availability of the doped fiber on which it is based, offer further examples of the integration of the essential components of advanced optical sensor systems, fitted for a new range of applications.
Optical Fiber Sensor Technology, Advanced Applications - Bragg Gratings and Distributed Sensors, builds upon the foundations of the subject in the preceding four volumes of this series, concentrating as they do upon both applications and the technology of advanced optical fiber sensors. Previous volumes have covered the fundamentals of the field, devices and systems and chemical and environmental monitoring. This volume deals with a range of highly topical sensor devices and commercial systems, with considerable emphasis upon one of the most important areas, Bragg gratings in fibers, their fabrication and applications in advanced sensor systems and the principles and use of distributed fiber optic sensors. The volume is well illustrated and referenced, pointing to hundreds of key publications accessible in the open literature. It draws upon a group of authors with an international reputation for their work in the area, carefully edited into a coherent and logical text by the editors, based on their considerable experience in the field. This book series will provide an invaluable source for researchers, engineers and advanced students in the field of optical fibers, optoelectronics and measurement and sensing.
The need for both intrinsic and extrinsic fiber optic sensor technologies continues to grow. To meet the demands of this fast expanding applications-driven market, Fiber Optic Sensors, Second Edition presents both the latest advances in fiber optic sensor technology, such as the application of photonic crystal fibers to fiber optic gyroscopes, and recent application opportunities, including the use of fiber optic sensors as a minimally invasive medical treatment. The new edition of this seminal work highlights the development of fiber optic sensors, while providing an overview of current methods for the construction of high-speed and high-capacity fiber optic systems. Two new chapters cover topics such as femtosecond laser illumination inscription and the growing application sector of fiber optic chemical and biological sensors. Adding significant new material, the book continues to provide a progressive history of each sensor type as well as basic principles and fundamental building blocks for practical applications in the electrical aerospace, defense and manufacturing, smart structure, undersea surveillance, medical, and gas and oil industries.
The 79 papers in this volume examine the state-of-the-art in fibre optic sensor technology and its applications.
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