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divEugene O’Neill’s autobiographical play Long Day’s Journey into Night is regarded as his masterpiece and a classic of American drama. With this new edition, at last it has the critical edition that it deserves. William Davies King provides students and theater artists with an invaluable guide to the text, including an essay on historical and critical perspectives; glosses of literary allusions and quotations; notes on the performance history; an annotated bibliography; and illustrations. "This is a worthy new edition, one that I'm sure will appeal to many students and teachers. William Davies King provides a thoughtful introduction to Long Day's Journey into Night—equally sensitive to the most particular and most encompassing of the play's materials."—Marc Robinson/DIV
Although Eugene O'Neill felt that his Irishness was the single feature that came closest to explaining his work, the reaction of the Irish critics and public to his plays has never been systematically explored. This new study is the first to focus on Irish perceptions of O'Neill. It traces the discussion carried on by Irish critics, scholars, and theatre professionals and reveals, in the process, many exciting new insights into the nature and significance of the dramatist's work. A balanced and informative treatment, it includes the author's penetrating analysis of the ways O'Neill's Irish heritage affected his work, a selection of essays by Irish critics, and information on Irish productions of his plays. Shaughnessy first examines the dimensions of the playwright's Irish connections -- his ancestry and cultural heritage and his use of Irish-related themes, symbols, and language. He looks at the history of productions staged in Ireland between 1922 and 1987 and at the Irish perceptions of 'the O'Neill issue.' Drawing on reviews, personal interviews, questionnaires, and letters, Shaughnessy reveals the complexity of the controversy surrounding the playwright's work. Selected essays, editorials, reviews, and scholarly commentaries -- many reprinted here for the first time -- demonstrate the range of opinion and the continuing impact of O'Neill plays on Irish thought. A catalog of productions of O'Neill plays in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland provides information on the dates and locations of productions as well as casts and directors. This lively and informative work also includes a selection of superb photos of O'Neill productions staged by the Abbey Theatre, Dublin Gate Theatre, and Belfast Lyric Players.
Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 2,0, University of Tubingen (Englisches Seminar), course: PS I: Introduction to Literary Studies, language: English, abstract: "At the final curtain, there they still are, trapped within each other by the past, each guilty and at the same time innocent, scorning, loving, pitying each other, understanding, and yet not understanding at all, forgiving but still doomed never to be able to forget." (Hinden 36) In this citation written into a letter to a friend, Long Days Journey into Night- author Eugene ONeill gives an insight into his own interpretation of the ending of the play (cf. Hinden 36). There, ONeill mentions the four protagonists of this play, the members of the family Tyrone, and their imprisonment into a circle of guilt, scorn, and misunderstanding. Nevertheless, there is also the influence of positive emotions like love, understanding, and forgiveness. This term paper will be about one of these terms, namely the term guilt, by which each family member is affected, and the notion of failure in Long Days Journey into Night. In order to discuss these two key terminologies, guilt and failure, there will be a closer look at the family Tyrone, which consists of the father, James Tyrone, the mother, Mary Cavan Tyrone, Jamie, the elder son, and Edmund, the younger son. Finally, there will be the question how the life of each family member is affected by guilt and failure, and how relationships within the family are destroyed by it."
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