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The 1974 enactment of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) brought to the federal courts an array of claims that had previously been decided under a patchwork of state and local laws. The many subsequent changes in employee retirement options and the resulting federal regulations have created a complex legal web for attorneys to navigate. Written by a team of authors with many years of ERISA litigation experience and using a Q&A format it is filled with practical illustrations and practice tips and provides a comprehensive overview of this important area.
The regulations governing flexible benefits plans get more complicated every year, with different rules and requirements for each category of benefit. Costly pitfalls are hidden in practically every stage of flex plan administration, from design and implementation to daily plan management. Good thing the Flexible Benefits Answer Book is available to guide you through the maze. This definitive reference on all types of plan designs show you how to answer all of your administrative questions, correctly analyze key planning considerations, protect a flex plan's tax-qualified status, distinguish among the different kinds of plans, develop a working credit and pricing methodology, and differentiate and compare the five full flex planning models: modular, core-plus, net benefits, full credit, and partial credit. with new information on medical savings accounts, the Third Edition of Flexible Benefits Answer Book is a proven source of successful solutions, strategies, and tools. In an easy-access question-and-answer format, the authors tackle more than 500 of the most common queries. with examples, case studies, complete citations, planning hints, prctice pointers, samples of field-tested documents, and more, Flexible Benefits Answer Book, Third Edition, is an essential problem-solving desk reference.
This first book in English by Serge-Christophe Kolm provides an overview of his far-reaching vision of distributive justice. Kolm derives justice from considerations of rationality. Justice cannot be defined by one all-encompassing principle or set of a few principles. It has the general form of an equality of individuals' liberties in a broad sense, with different applications and specific adjustments when several liberties conflict or when everybody prefers another outcome.Kolm describes the theory of justice and presents and evaluates each of the various modern theories, principles, or criteria of justice. He shows how some complement each other, how some are unworkable, and how some could be rescued. The result is an intensive introduction to the general theory of justice for economists and noneconomists alike.
Handbook on ERISA Litigation cuts through complicated statutory provisions and tells you which ERISA claims are recognized by which courts and how to litigate them. Helpful litigation checklists and forms are provided on key aspects of ERISA litigation as well as hundreds of citations to leading federal and state cases. Every major claim area under ERISA is covered: Fiduciary liability Violation of ERISA reporting and notification requirements ERISA discrimination claims and related statutory claims Plan termination claims Overfunded and underfunded plans Tax litigation Claims by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) The Handbook helps you to counsel clients more knowledgeably and to litigate ERISA disputes more effectively by identifying the issues, presenting litigation strategies, and reducing the time needed to prepare pleadings and briefs. In one, easy-to-read volume, you'll find expert analysis of: The structure and scope of ERISA, so you can easily determine whether and in what fashion ERISA is relevant to the resolution of a dispute Exceptions to ERISA and preemption issues, keeping you fully apprised of the extent to which ERISA can be used by or against you, particularly with respect to preemption laws The procedural rules of the road, providing you with practical insights into jurisdictional, venue, standing, discovery, and evidentiary issues, and how these may affect the outcome of your cases Handbook on ERISA Litigation has been updated to include: The impact of the Affordable Care Act upon ERISA practice and procedure Expanded coverage of overlapping federal statutory claims such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, federal disability discrimination laws, and other claims of gender and family status discrimination (including same-sex marriage/partnership issues) Expanded discussion of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the continuing fiduciary obligation to monitor plan investments, availability of various forms of relief for ERISA benefits claims and breach of fiduciary duty claims, the enforceability of limitations provisions contained in employee benefit plans, employer stock drop claims, and the supremacy of employee benefit plan terms over equitable or common law principles Continuing developments in ERISA preemption analysis clarifying the scope and reach of federal preemption And more!
Individual Retirement Account Answer Book is designed to provide quick, accurate, and timely information pertaining to traditional and Roth IRAs that concerns accountants, attorneys, financial planners, mutual fund brokers, and other pension professionals. The Nineteenth Edition provides you with: Accurate answers to virtually every IRA question Clear explanations of IRA reporting and disclosure requirements Strategies for tax, estate, and retirement planning Full guidelines for establishing traditional and Roth IRAs, SIMPLEs, SEPs, ESAs, and HSAs Tax-cutting tips, examples, calculations, and worksheets State rules on taxation of traditional IRA and Roth IRA distributions Financial and estate planning strategies involving IRAs
Employee Benefits Answer Book provides comprehensive guidance for those involved in the design and administration of employee benefit plans. The Q&A format is ideal for probing key topics such as: Health care reform COBRA continuation coverage Retiree health care coverage Health coverage portability requirements Group long-term care insurance Dependent care assistance Adoption assistance Vacation and severance pay plans Death benefits Financing employee benefits Financial accounting for employee benefits And more! Employee Benefits Answer Book will help you: Set the best Health Care Reform strategy for your company and your clients Keep in compliance with current and coming requirements Find clear answers to hundreds of employee benefits questions Avoid costly errors related to employee benefits administration Resolve employee benefits issues quickly and effectively And much more! The Twelfth Edition brings you information on the latest legal and regulatory developments affecting employee benefit plans, including: In-depth explanations of the latest guidance on the Affordable Care Act, including: Delayed implementation of the employer "pay or play" mandate and important transition relief for 2015 Final regulations on the employer shared responsibility requirements Guidance on benefits that are excepted from the group health plan requirements Final nondiscrimination requirements for employer-provided wellness programs New rules for health plan waiting periods, annual limits, and preexisting condition exclusions Guidelines for required preventive services under group health plans--including the latest developments in the battle over the controversial contraceptive coverage requirement The Supreme Court's decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act's prohibition on federal recognition of same-sex marriage A key Supreme Court decision on the time limit for bringing a lawsuit under ERISA Phaseout of the requirement for group health plans to provide certificates of creditable coverage Final rules on the parity requirements for mental health and substance use disorder benefits A new carryover option for health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs)

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