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With contributions by experts in economics, geography, marketing, agriculture, business, international affairs and more, this book addresses the extent and gravity of the current environmental situation. From toxic industrial and medical waste to acid rain and radioactive waste, from the Alaskan oil spill to the continuing destruction of the rain forests, McKee's focus is on economic welfare. He points out that public and private issues regarding environmental problems have been limited to crisis response. The contributions he has chosen for this volume clarify key issues for formulating policy options toward long-range economic welfare. The book includes an assessment of environmental policy during the Reagan administration and position statements by a prominent oil executive and a leading environmental conservationist. Other topics covered include: ethics and environmental restraint; financing the clean-up of hazardous waste; the impact of environmental regulation on plant location; solid waste disposal; environmental damage and national security; the decomissioning of nuclear facilities; the greenhouse effect; environmental constraints on economic diversification in small economies; and transboundary issues facing Canada and the United States. This work provides a valuable overview for those concerned with the economic aspects of energy, and the environment, including policy-makers in business, government, and academia.
This book presents a series of papers that explore the extent to which technological innovation can lower the cost of achieving climate change mitigation objectives.
Issues of the Day provides an easy way for students, academics, journalists, policymakers, and the public to learn about a diverse range of policy issues affecting the environment, energy, transportation, and public health. Each commentary gives a short assessment of a topic, summarizing in a non-technical way the current state of analysis or evidence on the issue, along with selected recommendations for further reading. The essays are written by world renowned scholars, mostly economists, and provide useful insights on policy problems that are often complex and poorly understood. Some of the topics covered include air pollution, hazardous waste, voluntary environmental programs, domestic (U.S.) and global climate policy design, fishery management, water quality, endangered species, forest fires, oil security, solar power, road and airport, fuel taxes and fuel economy standards, alternative fuel vehicles, health and longevity, smoking, malaria, tuberculosis, and the environment and development. The objective is to disseminate the findings of sound, objective research on the costs, benefits, and appropriate reform of public policies. The book provides a useful supplement for undergraduate- and graduate-level course reading, a reference guide for professionals, and a way for the general reader to quickly develop an informed perspective on the most important policy problems of the day. Issues of the Day is available to download as a PDF from the Resources for the Future website:
Public Policy starts with a concise review of institutions, policy actors, and major theoretical models. The authors then discuss the nature of policy analysis and its practice, and show students how to employ evaluative criteria in six substantive policy areas. Public Policy arms students with analytic tools they need to understand the motivations of policy actors—both within and outside of government—influence a complex, yet comprehensible, policy agenda.

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