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Employment Law, Second Edition, presents a dynamic survey of contemporary issues. As an introduction to employment or labor law, or as a supplement to traditional collective bargaining or employment discrimination courses, Richard Carlson offers complete coverage of basic employment law and fills in the gaps between labor and discrimination. Engaging and timely, Employment Law, Second Edition features: cutting-edge topics, including the rights of undocumented workers, disputes over working time and abusive pay practices, enforcement of rights to health insurance and other benefits, investigation of employee misconduct, wrongful discharge, "whistleblowers," conflicts between the demands of work and family, covenants not to compete, and more complete coverage of basic employment law doctrine and legislation, including the latest new employment statutes and cases consistent emphasis on context with regard to potential employment disputes, such as the formation of the employer-employee relationship; questions of status; and employee selection, compensation, supervision, discharge; and post-employment disputes a thought-provoking case selection that will stimulate class discussion Updated throughout, the Second Edition offers: the latest developments in legal protection for undocumented workers and liabilities of their employers new cases and laws on employee selection, including the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) and restrictions against "personality testing" of employees developments in the law of compensation, including antitrust violations by employers, disputes over working time, and class and "collective" actions for unpaid wages updated treatment of rules of nondiscrimination and fiduciary duty in employer-provided health, retirement and other benefit plans analysis of state efforts to mandate employer-provided health insurance coverage of new laws for the protection of employees whose family members are called to active military duty expanded and updated coverage of legal protections for whistleblowers and other employees acting in the public interest, including the latest draft of the proposed Restatement of Employment Law Exploring contemporary topics in employment law, from employee status and contract formation to termination and post-termination issues, Employment Law, Second Edition focuses on the real-life context of potential employment disputes.
This exceptionally cohesive casebook earned its best-selling status by introducing and adhering to a rigorous conceptual structure for the study of all aspects of employment discrimination. Its hallmark is its integration of the statutes and developing precedents with a wide array of theoretical perspectives. Drawing on the expertise of its highly regarded authors, Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination, Seventh Edition, offers: an effective combination of cases, notes, and problems a balance of lower and Supreme Court cases, as well as statutory material a conceptual framework that becomes a tool for understanding how discrimination is defined and how it is proven in the course of litigation broad coverage that includes race, sex, age, gender, religion, and disability an annual statutory supplement by the authors--a useful reference source, available for purchase a regularly updated website featuring new materials as they emerge expanded and revised Teacher's Manual The Seventh Edition offers: new structure for proving individual disparate treatment cases in the wake of Desert Palace an integrated treatment of the emerging cognitive bias literature and its impact on the la analysis of Ledbetter's impact on time limitations recognition of revived interest in class actions as a result of Dukes v. Wal-Mart notes edited for greater student accessibility and emphasizing cutting edge issues Now updated and revised to be shorter, streamlined, and more student-friendly, the Seventh Edition continues to be the best choice for teaching Employment Discrimination Law.
Now there is a way to teach a comprehensive yet efficient course in employment law. By presenting a thematically and organizationally coherent view of employment law through the lens of private ordering, this refreshing new casebook avoids overwhelming students while enabling instructors to cover a wide range of content. The authors make their book accessible and teachable by: organizing the book around the theme of private ordering -- the rights and duties that flow between parties in an agreement -- and the laws that seek to balance contractual freedoms and market forces with countervailing social interests using this framework to comprehensively cover varied topics taught in the employment law survey course providing thorough thematic and doctrinal coverage of each area presenting cases that are rigorously edited for brevity but include detailed discussions of the facts using brief, accessible notes and questions to address the cases and stimulate critical thinking supplying problems and exercises that require students to apply the doctrine in a particular context and to think creatively about how to protect the interests of workers or their firms developing students' transactional lawyering skills -- such as planning, drafting, advising, and negotiating -- in the context of the employment relation The casebook is part of a complete teaching package that includes: a comprehensive Teacher's Manual that explains the selection of materials, discusses how the authors present the materials to their students, lists the questions they ask students, and provides answers and suggested comments for the problems and exercises in the book a helpful website -- updated monthly -- where professors and students will find newspaper and magazine stories, sample practitioner materials, new cases, updates, additional problems, PowerPoint slides, and employment law examinations
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The second edition of The Law of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance follows the first edition, as the first casebook focused on the law of governance, risk management, and compliance. Author Geoffrey P. Miller, a highly respected professor of corporate and financial law, brings real world experience to the book as a member of the board of directors and audit and risk committees of a significant banking institution. The book addresses issues of fundamental importance for any regulated organization (the $13 billion settlement between JPMorgan Chase and its regulators is only one of many examples). This book can be a cornerstone for courses on compliance, corporate governance, or on the role of attorneys in managing risk in organizational clients.
The Twelfth Edition of Labor Law by Cox, Bok, Gorman & Finkin builds on the prior edition's expansion of materials in labor history & industrial relations, while outlining today's regulatory developments against the background of a changing economic situation. Significant features: * Analysis of the Labor Act, drawing upon economics, industrial relations & comparative labor law to pose alternatives to the way the United States treats "The Labor Question" * Examination of the role of grievance & arbitration mechanisms in industrial dispute resolution * Examination of the proper role of state law in the regulation of a unionized workforce.
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