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The next action-packed thriller from the author of Night Hush and Bait… On a secret assignment for MI-5, British SAS soldier Trevor Carswell is deep undercover with The Philosophy of Bedlam, a home-grown anarchist group responsible for several museum bombings. He's on the brink of unearthing their motives when Scotland Yard foils their latest attack. Desperate to escape, the Bedlamites take civilian hostages—among them, a woman Trevor never expected to see again. American political analyst Shelby Gibson is stunned when she recognizes Trevor, her one-time lover, brandishing a shotgun in the lobby of the August Museum of Modern Art. He's the last man she'd ever trust, but Trevor is no criminal, and he may be her only hope of getting out of the building alive. With the woman he once loved in serious danger, Trevor will risk everything to get Shelby to safety, even if it means blowing his cover. As they search for the truth behind the bombings, Shelby and Trevor expose the powerful, desperate man pulling the anarchists' strings...and the half-century-old secret he'll kill to keep quiet.
In this gripping and action-packed debut, an Army Intelligence officer and a Delta Force soldier must race against the clock to stop a catastrophic terrorist attack … When Army Intelligence officer Heather Langstrom's military convoy is ambushed and she's taken prisoner, she knows she'll need all her strength and courage to survive, escape her captors, and report the whispers of unrest brewing in the Middle East. Delta Force Captain Jace Reed isn't one to throw caution to the wind, but when his team stumbles upon beaten and weak Heather fleeing the terrorist training camp they've been dispatched to destroy, he'll risk everything to get her to safety. Once back on base, they learn her convoy's ambush was no accident … she'd been targeted. As the evidence of an impending attack mounts, Jace and Heather uncover a deadly terrorist plot that could kill hundreds of civilians. But Jace's protective instincts and Heather's fierce independence put them at constant odds. And as they close in on the extremists, they must learn to trust one another in order to save innocent lives … even if it means sacrificing their own.
Chronicles the history of the United States Military Academy.
CIA officer Darcy St. James is after a man who knew that the September 11 attacks would happen. Navy SEAL Sam "Cougar" Houston is busy being deployed around the world chasing after this man. Under the pressure of war St. James and Houston discover the sweetness of love, but their romance might be short lived.
As operative Daniel Stryker impresses CIA with his efficiency yet again, he's roped into the most top-secret mission of all time—The Orion Protocol. Despite his painful past and desire to retire, he's bound by duty, flag, and honor to see his assignment to the end, but little does he know the strings of that assignment are being pulled by another. FBI Director Charles Landon is intimidating at best and threatening at worst, but then again, everything he's worked for rides on the success of The Orion Protocol. The question is, will it actually succeed this time? If Landon's asset follows his orders, it will. Adam Sinyard doesn't exist—at least not to the highest intelligence agencies in the world—and if they don't know you're alive, who does? This ex-CIA operative knows the benefit of invisibility. It's opened more doors for him than CIA ever could have, but when he unwittingly uncovers an insidious plot of world dominion, he must re-evaluate his motives and choose a side. The lives of these three men are intricately woven and have been for years. They just don't know it yet. Now they knot together in The Orion Protocol—a clandestine society plotting a coup to establish world peace. But when the wrong man is given too much power, what begins as a noble cause quickly turns into a diabolical mission littered with deception and death—a collision course that will shake the foundations of the Judeo-Christian world.
Wolverine must prove himself worthy of Mariko Yashida, the daughter of Japan's most respected family.

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