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Firmly supported by a wealth of research linking children’s mental and physical health to emotional well being, this new edition of the bestselling Dealing with Feeling provides teachers of children aged 5–8 with structured opportunities to develop their emotional literacy. In this second edition, Tina Rae emphasizes the development of empathy, tolerance, resilience, and motivation as well as an emotional vocabulary. The text helps teachers introduce students to a variety of techniques for managing more complex and uncomfortable feelings in a variety of situations. Solution-focused strategies are woven into: Worksheet tasks Self-reflection activities Take-home assignments Packed with teacher-friendly sessions, this book fulfills the requirements of the PSCHE curriculum and Healthy Schools agenda and also complements the SEAL curriculum (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).
An early Google director of marketing and brand management discusses the pioneering work of partners Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the evolution of the company's non-hierarchical structure, and the competitive environment through which ideas are developed and implemented.
This resource provides young men and women with guidance and tools to recognize the importance of social skills to aid their development. The sessions and practical activities will allow students to address issues of identity, self esteem and self awareness based on the author’s research and experience. Covering issues including relationships, drugs and problem solving the new edition will also cover: Gang cultures Cyber-bullying Future pressures Eating disorders
Recently divorced, Claire Stone is off to a fresh start. A new city. A job prospect. Wearing her lucky ducks underwear. Things are going great -- until a clumsy lout barrels into her, sending her to the concrete. Her world takes a tumble too when the handsome klutz who scuffed her up turns out to be her new boss. Engaged twice. Dumped twice. Kasen Isaak has had his fill of green-eyed women, yet his father insists he hire Claire Stone -- a nail-biting claustrophobic with the greenest eyes he's ever seen. Will green eyes, a run of bad luck, and a slew of idiosyncrasies keep them from finding the greatest luck of all?
This is the fourth book in a series of children's books geared for the third grade level. However, many adults also enjoy the stories. It is centered around a real part-longhorn cow, named Lucy Bell, who lives on a real 100-acre ranch in Northeast Texas. There are numerous characters in this book that either live at the ranch or nearby.Farm animals and associated wildlife abound in this story. There are billy goats, dogs, cats, rats, squirrels, a catfish, turtles, raccoons, various birds, coyotes, a donkey, a mini-mule, porcupines, foxes, wolves, and, of course, other cows on the farm. Lucy Bell teaches about manners, personal responsibility, being considerate of others, and other social skills, as well as a good dose of humor. Readers learn about life on a busy and diverse ranch in a manner that is easy to read, understand and enjoy.
He loved books. She loved nothing. They began to love each other. Naive to a fault, they were high school seniors who were trying to figure out what to do with life. Then it all ended and what was fantasy became real. Together, they drew on their knowledge from their video games, movies, TV shows, and books and prepared for survival. Warriors emerged from teenagers. Every step was planned out and together they shaped their violence into an unstoppable team, beginning to reclaim what was lost. They began a life together, not the one they wanted, but the one they were dealt, and they swore to stay ahead of the doom enfulging their world, but at what cost? More than anything she wants to find a place, a way, to live again. To live again. To find a life worth living. Captain K. Hutchison, Genuine Apocalypse Aficionado Many of us who spend time thinking about the real possibility of societal breakdown are always on the lookout for insightful answers to the big questions. What will happen? What skills can I draw on to get me through when others cannot? Eppeldauer's story has the answer! This insighful, inventive, and introspective first book of a trilogy on the struggle against the odds of survival is well within the realms of reality and imagination. Tense, riveting, and a new interesting take on post-apocalyptic dynamics.
The author celebrates New England cooking styles with 917 recipes that incorporate both traditional Yankee cuisine and the other ethnic and cooking styles that have enriched the region's culinary history, encompassing everything from blueberry pancakes to salt-meadow lamb and beyond. Reprint.

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