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Fresh off the leave-of-absence he took following his ex-wife's tragic death, Detective Wade Jackson's life is in upheaval. He struggles to keep his grief-stricken, out-of-control daughter, Katie, from succumbing to the same alcoholism demon as her mother, while trying to reinvigorate a passion for his work. When a body is found in a local storage unit, Jackson hopes a simple open-and-shut homicide case will help him get back on track. But when the victim is identified as ex-con Craig Cooper--a former meth addict who did time for bank robbery, the spoils of which were never recovered--it becomes quickly apparent that the case will be challenging. The same night Cooper is murdered, a firebomb goes off in a bottled water factory on the other side of town. The prime suspects are from an organization called Love the Earth--eco-terrorists believed to be modeling themselves after the infamous Earth Liberation Front. Fears that new group is plotting another attack bring agents from the ATF and FBI to town, among them Jamie Dallas, an undercover agent with a wild streak, and Carla River, an FBI agent with a complicated past. When Jackson discovers a shocking link between the murder case and the bombing, they will have to work together to solve both crimes before they blow up in their faces.
LIARS, CHEATERS & THIEVESWhat does a man drugged and slashed to death by an unknown assailant have to do with a woman felled by a fatal heart attack after learning her bank account had been plundered? The cases seem as different as their scenarios -- late night in a tavern parking lot and early the next morning inside a bank. But a troubling theory soon unites them: Was the first crime's murder victim the second crime's mastermind? There's a case to be made for the connection between slain Iraq War vet Rafel Mazari and the bogus veterans' charity that robbed Molly Pershing of her money and her life. But Detective Wade Jackson and his homicide team have even more damning evidence against Mazari's wife -- including a hypodermic needle and a scalpel. But when an identical murder claims the victim's best friend, Jackson suspects a motive darker and more devastating than infidelity, greed, or love turned lethal.
His ex-wife, Renee has been kidnapped, that same weekend; a young student is beaten and dumped at the ER. As Jackson retraces Renee's movements and handles a high-tech, fast-moving ransom demand, Detective Lara Evans must identify the assault victim, then track down the assailant with no leads to go on, except the whispered rumor of a secret sorority. As the ransom goes wrong, Jackson grows more fearful that Katie's mother will be lost forever.
As a nurse and youth counselor at Eugene, Oregon's Planned Parenthood clinic, Kera Kollmorgan has endured her share of harassment from fanatical abortion foes. But it only strengthens her resolve. Then a bomb blast rips through the clinic and, soon after, a teenage girl Kera recently treated is found naked and murdered in a dumpster. Kera fears the bitter abortion war in her small community has reached a terrifying new level.The sexualized killing of Jessie Davenport hits close to home for Detective Wade Jackson. Raising his teenage daughter alone, he understands better than anyone the predatory world that threatens young women. But he never expects his grim investigation will lead to a teenage Bible-study club, the dark underside of high school life, and even the halls of political power. Now he must confront two shockingly different suspects with nothing in common — except a taste for sex and violence.As Jackson's manhunt intensifies, Kera becomes a marked woman, stalked by a crazed crusader. And when the fates of the detective and nurse intersect, a world of righteous rage, sexual secrecy, and chilling obsession threatens to blow them apart.
A day like any other for security chief Tracy Waterhouse, until she makes a shocking impulse purchase. That one moment of madness is all it takes for Tracy's humdrum world to be turned upside down, the tedium of everyday life replaced by fear and danger at every turn. Witnesses to Tracy's outrageous exchange in the Merrion Centre in Leeds are Tilly, an elderly actress teetering on the brink of her own disaster, and Jackson Brodie, who has returned to his home county in search of someone else's roots. All three characters learn that the past is never history and that no good deed goes unpunished.
Explores the world of forensic anthropology and its applications in solving crimes.
Ben and Betsy spend a weekend with Ben’s childhood friend Martha and her husband Quinn. A fifth guest, Howie Abbot has recently recovered from a serious accident followed by a three year coma resulting in long term memory loss. When Howie experiences a vivid dream, a rainy day exercise probing his vision produces hints of reality. No one believes the visions are true glimpses of past happenings, but stubborn Betsy investigates further. When it’s confirmed Howie’s visions are truly brief looks at past, the diverse group reassembles. The dreams are twenty minutes in duration and Howie is only an observer, unable to affect anything. Betsy suggests Howie visualize an Amber alert abduction. He complies. An anonymous tip is made, saving the child. Buoyed by success, they use Howie’s mystifying ability locating other missing children. The utter uniqueness of the gift mandates absolute privacy. They dread public exposure and its resulting chaos and scrutiny. The five commit to the mission in spite of the stressful impact on their personal lives. Howie first encounter with the man, aparticularly sinister kidnapper, but their tip is insufficient for his capture. When it happens again the man recognizes the threat of someone seeing his deeds, and vows to seek out and silence the tipster. Thus the hunter becomes the hunted. A retired FBI agent helps the five to obtain more accurate and timely information and provides access to a responsive tip line, improving success. Public suspicion grows with these strangely detailed tips that are so incredibly successful. A newspaper investigates stimulating unwelcomed public interest. Pressure mounts as a tabloid offers a million dollar reward. There are personality conflicts within the group and Ben struggles to mediate. Howie needs psychiatric help to cope with helplessly witnessing horror. While each feels assaulted they won’t abandon the children they are saving. The group is hunted relentlessly; reward seekers, accused abductors, and the defense bar. Even the government is becoming curious. The pressure mounts within the group asthe man draws closer until he is finally in their midst. It takes all their wile and skill to out smart him.

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