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Corporate Political Activities Deskbook provides a thorough grounding in the current state of the law on federal and state campaign finance, pay-to-play, lobbying, and gift compliance. A practical manual for in-house attorneys advising corporations about involvement in the political process, this new Deskbook draws on the extensive practice and regulatory experience of Skadden, Arps authors Ken Gross, Ki Hong and Lawrence Noble. After describing the impact of the seminal 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizen's United in expanding permitted corporate speech in the political realm, the Corporate Political Activities Deskbook walks the reader through the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) requirements in such areas as: •Permitted and prohibited corporate activity in both the financial and in-kind areas •Who makes up the “restricted class” that may be approached for contributions to a corporate PAC •What federal dollar limits exist on financial and in-kind contributions to candidates •The difference between an “independent” and “coordinated” activity in support of a candidate •The specific FEC reporting requirements, including a line-by-line discussion of FEC Form 1, FEC Form 3L and others Other chapters of the Corporate Political Activities Deskbook address federal lobbying and gift rules; the Foreign Agents Registration Act; and practice and appearances before the FEC. An additional chapter addresses state campaign finance, lobbying, gift, placement agent rules and pay-to-play rules, including the national rules affecting those that do business with state or local government entities, such as MSRB Rule G-37 and SEC Rule 206(4)-5. The Deskbook appendices include helpful model documents, such as sample PAC bylaws, a PAC contribution card, and resolution establishing a PAC. In addition, summary charts of the 50 state contribution and lobbying laws are included. Rather than the extensive analytical approach of a treatise, the Corporate Political Activities Deskbook emphasizes the rules and provides practical examples of best practices and “do's and don'ts.” In many cases, the suggestions go beyond the black letter requirements to incorporate advice about practices that will help the reader utilize the available avenues of interacting with the government while avoiding negative press, public as well as legal regulatory attention.
Anatomy of a Merger is a guide to handling a corporate acquisition negotiation successfully. Topics include the basic acquisition agreement; bargaining techniques applicable to substantive issues, and more.
Pride and Prejudice is studied and celebrated, and its creation and phenomenal legacy thoroughly explored, in this loving tribute to Jane Austen's beloved masterpiece.
`I Am Going To Write You Short Accounts Of The Story Of Our Earth And The Many Countries, Great And Small, Into Which It Is Divided&I Hope [These] Will Make You Think Of The World As A Whole And Of Other People In It As Our Brothers And Sisters . . .' -Jawaharlal Nehru When Indira Gandhi Was A Little Girl Of Ten, She Spent The Summer In Mussoorie, While Her Father, Jawaharlal Nehru, Was Busy Working In Allahabad. Over The Summer, Nehru Wrote Her A Series Of Letters In Which He Told Her The Story Of How And When The Earth Was Made, How Human And Animal Life Began, And How Civilizations And Societies Evolved All Over The World. Written In 1928, These Letters Remain Fresh And Vibrant, And Capture Nehru'S Love For People And For Nature, Whose Story Was For Him `More Interesting Than Any Other Story Or Novel That You May Have Read'.
This unbiased analysis of statutes, regulations, and case law clarifies the complex rules of federal procurement policies, explaining the processes that government personnel and contractors must follow in every aspect of government contracting--from inception to completion. Topics include contract administration and personnel, contract interpretation, risk allocation, changes, delays, pricing of adjustments, and much more.
"Anu Garg's many readers await their A Word A Day rations hungrily. Now at last here's a feast for them and other verbivores. Eat up!" -Barbara Wallraff Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of Word Court Praise for A Word a Day "AWADies will be familiar with Anu Garg's refreshing approach to words: words are fun and they have fascinating histories. The people who use them have curious stories to tell too, and this collection incorporates some of the correspondence received by the editors at the AWAD site, from advice on how to outsmart your opponent in a duel (or even a truel) to a cluster of your favorite mondegreens." -John Simpson, Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary "A banquet of words! Feast and be nourished!" -Richard Lederer, author of The Miracle of Language Written by the founder of the wildly popular A Word A Day Web site (, this collection of unusual, obscure, and exotic English words will delight writers, scholars, crossword puzzlers, and word buffs of every ilk. The words are grouped in intriguing categories that range from "Portmanteaux" to "Words That Make the Spell-Checker Ineffective." each entry includes a concise definition, etymology, and usage example-and many feature fascinating and hilarious commentaries by A Word A Day subscribers and the authors.

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