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For courses in computer programming. Evaluating the Fundamentals of Computer Programming Languages Concepts of Computer Programming Languages introduces students to the fundamental concepts of computer programming languages and provides them with the tools necessary to evaluate contemporary and future languages. An in-depth discussion of programming language structures, such as syntax and lexical and syntactic analysis, also prepares students to study compiler design. The Eleventh Edition maintains an up-to-date discussion on the topic with the removal of outdated languages such as Ada and Fortran. The addition of relevant new topics and examples such as reflection and exception handling in Python and Ruby add to the currency of the text. Through a critical analysis of design issues of various program languages, Concepts of Computer Programming Languages teaches students the essential differences between computing with specific languages.
This text should enable readers to critically evaluate different programming languages and choose the one most appropriate for a given application. It presents the principles, paradigms, designs and implementations of modern programming languages, and contains increased coverage of the object-oriented programming paradigm. The book also covers semantics and Java.
Market_Desc: · Programmers· Students and Professors Special Features: · Updated to cover programming languages such as LISP, Scheme (artificial intelligence based), Standard ML, and C++ (object oriented based). About The Book: This book explains and illustrates key concepts of programming by taking a breadth approach to programming languages. It uses C++ as the primary language throughout, demonstrating imperative, functional and object-oriented language concepts in C++. Plus, fourth generation languages, such as database and visual programming languages are covered in detail.
This accessible new volume examines and evaluates the principles of programming languages from both their common and language-specific elements. Each chapter is devoted to a particular programming language issue. These issues are illustrated with an example from one of the many programming languages used today.
Using a hands-on, student-friendly approach, Android Programming Concepts provides a comprehensive foundation for the development of mobile applications for devices and tablets powered by Android. This text explores Android Java and the Android SDK, the implementation of interactivity using touchscreen gesture detection and sensors, and current concepts and techniques for constructing mobile apps that take advantage of the latest Android features. Each chapter features a collection of well-designed and classroom tested labs that provide clear guidance of Android concepts. Each lab is geared toward one or two specific Android concepts, which eliminated distractions and gives the reader better focus on the concepts at hand.

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