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An unbeatable combination that will appeal to any learning style! Packaged with the free Personal Trainer CD-ROM, COMPREHENDING BEHAVIORAL STATISTICS makes statistics appealing and approachable to students with a variety of learning styles and backgrounds. Students who learn best by READING find Hurlburt's explanations—which have been crafted and revised based on his own students' feedback—to be exceptionally clear. Students who learn better by LISTENING find the audio/visual "lectlets" on the accompanying Personal Trainer CD-ROM invaluable. Covering each topic in the text, the lectlets include interactive review questions with immediate feedback that engage students who learn best by INTERACTING. For VISUAL learners, the text includes more than 400 illustrations (twice as many as most texts), as well as Hurlburt's free ESTAT software on the accompanying CD-ROM. ESTAT is a unique program that allows students to practice the eyeball-estimation of basic concepts so that they can understand at a deeper level the statistics they are computing. Faculty appreciate the textbook's accuracy and focus on timely topics as well as its innovative pedagogy: Hurlburt uses a progressive, cumulative integration and review of concepts so students keep fundamental concepts "fresh" as they progress through the course.
While this book provides the same material found in most introductory statistics texts, it goes beyond the standard by teaching students how to estimate statistics before computations are performed. The ESTAT software helps students build this skill by allowing them to learn to make accurate eyeball-estimates before ever touching a calculator. These estimation techniques are provided for both descriptive and inferential statistics. The ESTAT software is optional with the text, students can learn estimation from information in the book alone if you so choose.
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