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Explores cyberbullying though the use of e-mail, instant messages, social networking sites, and other digital messaging systems, and how to prevent cyberbullying through discussions about proper online behavior.
Outlines the five steps of creative kvetching: acknowledge the right to complain, know when to do it and with whom, do not to pretend not to be doing it, do not do it competitively, and encourage other people to kvetch.
Students often get lost in the details ... most will never take a second psychology course ... they often have trouble relating the material to their everyday lives... The new Fourth Edition of Kowalski & Westen's Psychology addresses these teaching challenges. The student develops evaluative reasoning through self-discovery for a lifetime of learning. Students are drawn into the material in a way that in-trigues and stimulates so they begin to see psychology at work in their daily lives. Like its predecessors, this new edition effectively captures the diversity and breadth of psychology. A complete overview of how human beings think, feel, and behave is included. Psychology is an evolving science, which continually addresses and re-addresses the relationship between psychological events and their neural underpinnings, between cognition and emotion, be-tween cultural processes and human evolution, between nature and nurture, and more.

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