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Howard Fast’s bestselling historical novel about a man who was a voice of the people and a prophet of democracy Thomas Paine’s voice rang in the ears of eighteenth-century revolutionaries from America to France to England. He was friend to luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and William Wordsworth. His pamphlets extolling democracy sold in the millions. Yet he died a forgotten man, isolated by his rough manners, idealistic zeal, and unwillingness to compromise. Howard Fast’s brilliant portrait brings Paine to the fore as a legend of American history, and provides readers with a gripping narrative of modern democracy’s earliest days in America and Europe. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author’s estate.
Presents a fictionalized account of Paine's contribution to keeping alive the passion for freedom during the grueling years of the American Revolution
Among Howard Fast's historical fiction, Citizen Tom Paine-one of America's all-time best-sellers-occupies a special place, for it restored to a generation of readers the vision of Paine's revolutionary passion as the authentic roots of our national beginnings. Fast gives us "a vivid picture of Paine's mode of writing, idiosyncrasies, and character-generous, nobly unselfish, moody, often dirty, frequently drunken, a revolutionist by avocation"-Library Journal
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Thomas Paine was the quintessential revolutionary. No other person captured so well the explosiveness of the last quarter of the eighteenth century. In 1805 John Adams, long a critic of Paine, condemned the labeling of the era as the Age of Reason the title of Paine's last major work. Admitting that no other "man in the world has had more influence on its inhabitants or affairs for the last thirty years than Tom Paine," Adams satirically suggested that this revolutionary era be called "the Age of Paine." Paine was a complex man. Each of his fifty biographers since his death in 1809 has failed to unveil the full person. Because he will always be different things to different people, it is unlikely we shall ever fully understand this enigmatic man. Joel Barlow, one of Paine's closest friends, was perhaps right when he wrote that Paine's "own writings are his best life." Taking Barlow's advice, this compilation of over 1,000 quotations on 450 topics draws exclusively from the genius of Tom Paine. Accompanied by an insightful and concise biography, this totally unique volume broadens and deepens our understanding and appreciation of this remarkable revolutionary, whose vision of a humane and democratic society shaped a philosophy for his time that still speaks to us today."

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