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How important is the family for children? How do children cope when parents have to juggle child care, employment and other responsibilities? In this volume these questions, and others, are raised and reflected upon, by children themselves, providing insights for parents and professionals.
What better gift is there than for Mom to share her life’s story, straight from the heart? Children young or grown will truly love receiving this treasure for a lifetime as they read stories about their mother’s life experiences. Reflections from a Mother’s Heart is a beautiful place to record special memories that includes guided questions prompting thoughts about family history, childhood highlights, lighthearted incidents, cherished traditions, and spiritual lessons learned. The completed journal provides a priceless, beloved gift that will be cherished for generation after generation.
This volume seeks to examine child and family life from the perspective of various religious traditions in relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Special attention is paid to the religions' moral codes of conduct governing parental behaviour, child rearing norms, and the role of children in spiritual practice. Eight of the world's most practised religions are discussed: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Bahai religion, Chinese popular practice, Hinduism, and North American Native spiritual belief. The purpose is to see where the religions positively support the UNCRC and where they criticize or disagree with the ideas of the Convention. Each religion has very clear notions as to the functioning of the child in the context of the family. When considered in relation to the UN Convention, these ideas provoke a lively discussion.
Contains over three hundred sixty tips on raising children including common sense advice on spoiled children, sibling rivalry, and television issues.
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From “the Kid” on the Varsity Blues football team to “the Chief” at Osgoode Hall, R. Roy McMurtry has had a remarkably varied and influential career. As reformist attorney general of Ontario, one of the architects of the agreement that brought about the patriation of the Canadian Constitution, high commissioner to the United Kingdom, and chief justice of Ontario, he made a large and enduring contribution to Canadian law, politics, and life. These memoirs cover all these facets of his remarkable career, as well as his law practice, his work on various commissions of inquiry, and his reflections on family, sport, and art. This volume is both an account of his life in public service and a portrait of a humane, humorous, still optimistic, and always decent man.

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