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Pitcher Dave Dravecky recalls classic baseball stories and introduces readers to baseball's greatest players and shares how baseball taught him lessons that he could apply to his live and to his relationship with God.
Johnny Price and his best friend Kenny have been living and loving lacrosse for as long as they can remember. Johnny is a grinder that constantly works on all aspects of the game, especially face offs. Kenny is a true phenom with a knack for scoring big goals. These two 8th graders have dreamed of playing for Harborview High since they began playing the sport as 4 year olds. Their dream begins to unfold sooner than expected when they are called up to the JV team. Follow them through an exciting season of ups and downs as they chase a championship.
At the outbreak of the Second World War the government short-sightedly allowed thousands of miners to enlist in the armed services. By 1943 the war effort was in danger of grinding to a halt because of a lack of coal. In answer Ernest Bevin, the Minister of Labour, sought service volunteers – and compulsorily sent 20,000 18-year-olds, who’d expected to fight for their country, down the mines with them. Some were so angry that they preferred to go to prison. The majority went to do their best. But some were psychologically, and others physically, unsuited to such dangerous work. Many were injured; some died. Called Up, Send Down is an enthralling oral and social history of an episode of war that has never been fully told. TOM HICKMAN has worked as features writer, features editor and editor on various national magazines, newspapers and for the BBC. He is the author of a number of successful 20th-century histories including The Call-Up: A History of National Service (Headline 2004). He lives in Cambridgeshire.
CALLED UP YONDER is a personal exploration of the mysteries of the final journey. Written by Certified Healthcare Musician Katharine Winter, this book brings a much-needed broader perspective into the discussion of the end-of-life experience.
On this earth, one may dare familiar and unfamiliar paths. But beyond the human plane of reckoning, a few may dare to thread, such a path is that which this book aims to convey its reader to. On earth you can only imagine what may transpire after death, you may guess and assume; the more you do, the more complex the hereafter becomes. This complexity has been brought close to you, from the encounter of a wayfarer, a wanderer that wandered on the path of life to a supposedly lost eternity, but mercy intervened. He goes to eternity, and returned with some heart rendering narrations, from some highly bizarre encounter, with fiends and friends. He journeyed from several realms, planets and encountered creatures that were beyond description and incomprehensible to the human makeup. He moved farther and encountered the creator of the wilderness (earth), who gave orders that he should embark on this tour that eventually landed him in hell. You would be gripped with fear, when you read of the encounter of those in hell (the damned souls); you would meet the devil and his emissaries - and get some tough secrets forced out of them by the Creator of the Universe. Mercy took this young man to hades, the throne of mercy and then returned him back to us - earth. When he returned back to earth with his findings, what happened? How was he taken? What were the acceptance and rejections he encountered? You are just pages away, from a life changing encounter, one that would question all you have known of life and eternity. And you must answer the query thereafter; when the roll is called up yonder, would you be there?

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