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Johnny Price and his best friend Kenny have been living and loving lacrosse for as long as they can remember. Johnny is a grinder that constantly works on all aspects of the game, especially face offs. Kenny is a true phenom with a knack for scoring big goals. These two 8th graders have dreamed of playing for Harborview High since they began playing the sport as 4 year olds. Their dream begins to unfold sooner than expected when they are called up to the JV team. Follow them through an exciting season of ups and downs as they chase a championship.
The first team sport was given to the First Nations by the Creator. The first players called it “The Creator's Game”.Flamethrowers, guardians of the game, were given special sticks by the Creator to teach and watch over the sport. But there was a betrayal, a Nation lost, and the Creator removed the Flamethrowers from the earth. But they left something behind…Kenny lives in a mining town located on the iron Range in Minnesota. His entire family plays hockey. Only one problem for Kenny, he hates hockey. Then fate finds Kenny in a cave where he discovers a stone box containing a special stick. Kenny seeks out a storyteller to find out the origin of the stick. Join Kenny as he searches for the story and discovers a dark side that he must face.
An inside account of the Duke Lacrosse rape case by the team's former head coach discusses the events that took place on the night of the alleged crime, cites DNA evidence and contrary testimony that supports the accused team members' innocence, and decries the media practices that resulted in damaging prejudgment. Reprint.
A Duke alumnus whose work has been hailed as “authoritative” (The Washington Post), “seductively engrossing” (Chicago Tribune), “riveting” (The Economist), and “masterful” (Los Angeles Times), presents a stunning new account of the infamous Duke lacrosse team case. Despite it being front-page nationwide news, the true story of the Duke lacrosse team rape case has never been told in its entirety. It is more complex and profound than all the reporting to date would indicate. The Price of Silence is the definitive account of what happens when the most combustive forces in American culture—unbridled ambition, intellectual elitism, athletic prowess, sexual and racial bias, and absolute prosecutorial authority—collide and then explode on a powerful university campus, in the justice system, and in the media. Deeply reported and brilliantly written, The Price of Silence shines a bright light on the ever-widening gap between America’s rich and poor, and how the powerful protect themselves, even at the price of justice.
Documents the full story behind the allegations of rape against members of the Duke lacrosse team, arguing that law-enforcement officials, a campaigning prosecutor, liberally biased journalists, and others were responsible for scapegoating the defendants. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.
LOST 1972. A plane has crashed in the Andes mountains. The passengers are hopelessly lost in one of the most isolated places on earth. ABANDONED Almost three months later, two of the survivors, emaciated and frozen, reach the authorities and lead a rescue team to the remaining fourteen passengers. ALIVE The rescue team are shocked when they reach the crash-site. Food supplies have long gone, and the remains of the dead lie scattered among the fuselage. It is only too clear how these passengers have managed to stay alive ...
In 1889, in an obscure corner of the British Empire called New Westminster, a few dedicated lacrosse players and sportsmen put together a team of world-beaters. In today's era of manufactured teams with generic names, the New Westminster Salmonbellies stand with the old guard: the Yankees, the Canadiens, the Celtics and the Packers. The Salmonbellies were known as a tough team in a tough sport, as described by the "British Columbian" in 1894: "The men on both sides played a hard, fast game ... A few hard knocks were given and received, for lacrosse is no parlour amusement." The Salmonbellies became Canada's most successful pro field lacrosse team, capturing twelve Minto Cup championships between 1908 and 1924. The Salmonbellies' farm team, the New Westminster Royals, were Canada's greatest amateur field team, winning six Mann Cups between 1915 and 1924.In 1925 the Royals and the pro team were unified as the Salmonbellies, winning Mann Cups in 1925 and 1927 and representing Canada at the Olympic games in 1928. Less thn ten years later, in 1937, the Salmonbellies captured their first box lacrosse Mann Cup championship and have won thirteen since. A tradition of winning has made the Salmonbellies the world's most famous lacrosse team.In this first-ever, in-depth illustrated book about Canada's beloved national summer sport, MacDonald shares the stories of the players, their lives, their successes and heartbreaks, along with those of their greatest rivals. "Salmonbellies vs. the World" is a thoroughly researched and captivating story. With insight and humour MacDonald introduces us to legendary players, capturing both their accomplishments and personalities. On Jack Bionda he writes: "A month later Bionda scored two goals against Vancouver to reach six hundred career goals. Heading into the semi-finals against the Shamrocks, Victoria's program opined that Bionda 'Couldn't check his own mother.' 'Oh, I don't know,' retorted Bionda, 'Mom hasn't scored on me yet.'" And on L.A. Lewis, the goal-scoring sensation of the 1890s, MacDonald shares this story: "On July 15, 1893, in the fourth game of a match against Victoria at Queen's Park, L.A. Lewis was struck twice on the head by twenty-nine-year-old Harry Morton's stick. His second whack at Lewis knocked Lewis unconscious, 'blood spurting from a ghastly looking wound in his head.' As angry New Westminster supporters flooded the field, a dazed Lewis got to his feet and ran to Morton. The men grappled and Lewis again fell to the ground insensible. Lewis was carried off the field and the club's physician, Dr. Fagan, dressed an inch-long cut in the side of his head, discovering that a small artery had been severed."The New Westminster Salmonbellies are truly iconic in the world of Canadian sport, and "Salmonbellies vs. the World" is a great read for all sport and lacrosse fans, from BC to Labrador and beyond.

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