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Prepare to prune and propagate to Bonsai perfection with this fantastic pocket-sized guide. One hundred and one nuggets of practical information take you stage-by-stage towards a broad understanding of the amazing art of Bonsai. Whether you are a budding enthusiast or a fully flowered expert this handy book is a mini-tree must have.
The complete practical guide to the art of bonsai, from growing a single tree from seed to creating a landscape arrangement. A series of highly practical illustrated handbooks - concise, comprehensive and packed with advice, explanation and inspiration on every aspect of home care, home improvement and home reference. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step sequences show how to create and shape your own bonsai, and how to keep your established plants healthy and beautiful. Comprehensive, full-colour guide to identifying, growing and training over 75 bonsai trees and shrubs. Analyses the relationship between shape, scale, composition, and colour that underpins the art of bonsai, with an inspirational selection of mature bonsai illustrating the classic styles.
Become a bonsai master and learn the techniques of cultivating this striking and graceful plant form that began in China over a thousand years ago. Easy-to-follow sequences show how to create and shape your own bonsai, and inspirational images lavishly illustrate this classic art-form.
Tailored to meet the needs of the first time bonsai owner. Clear, authoritative text makes creating and caring for your bonsai straightforward. The use of step-by-step illustrations and photographs ensure the techniques are easy to follow. Easy-to-use care symbols. Illustrated with over 120 specially commissioned photographs and illustrations. Directory of both indoor and outdoor trees and their charactersitics.
Herb Gustafson is one of the world's leading authorities on bonsai growing. In Bonsai Workshop, he provides a step-by-step guide to dwarfing a tree, extensively illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings.
Don't buy a scrawny, mass-produced bonsai tree from the shopping mall. Grow your own by cooperating with its natural growth direction as you sculpt it into its greatest potential beauty. Learn how to pick a specimen, how to estimate its age, and how and when to replace the soil, plus tips on techniques, containers, and combating pests. All aspects of daily care are covered. 112 pages (all in color), 6 1/2 x 9 1/2.
Provides detailed, step-by-step horticultural instructions and insight into the creative process of bonsai, with descriptions of stock and equipment, basic care and training techniques, and new methods of achieving quicker results