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Christian vision -- Procreation versus reproduction -- Abortion -- Genetic advance -- Prenatal screening -- Suicide and euthanasia -- Refusing treatment -- Who decides? -- Gifts of the body: organ donation -- Gifts of the body: human experimentation -- Embryos: the smallest of research subjects -- Sickness and health.
In its third edition, this is a primer on the major bioethics issues of our time with helpful discussion questions and bibliography. All of the chapters have been revised and updated.
This systematic and comprehensive introduction to theological bioethics will help readers discern the theological issues inherent in life-and-death bioethical decisions. By discussing four central moral principles of medical ethics, Wheeler gives lay Christian health care providers guidance in reflecting on the theological dimensions of their work and helps ministers understand their role in counseling families faced with such decisions.
Christian theology has had a lasting influence a range of modern subjects; a solid introduction to its tenets, traditions, and thinkers benefits students of all disciplines. Natalie Kertes Weaver's Christian Thought and Practice: A Primer provides a foundation for those new to the study of Christianity and the opportunity to develop a more sophisticated sense of Christianity for students with prior study. With features to enhance classroom learning, Christian Thought and Practice is ideally suited for today's student.
This collection of essays and excerpts gives a comprehensive overview of Alvin Plantinga's seminal work as a Christian philosopher of religion.
How should we respond to individuals with disabilities? What does it mean to be disabled, and is a disabled person necessarily less independent and less competent than a person who is not disabled? This text addresses issues in bioethics including genetic discrimination and assisting death.