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Seventy-seven alphabetically arranged entries provide introductions to issues related to business and economics, such as affirmative action, downsizing, free trade, pensions, strategic planning, and whistle-blowers.
Provides an overview of the many debates and controversial topics currently connected with our media, providing context, definitions, notable programs, important media events and their historical significance, and future trends.
Security has evolved from a tactical IT concern to boardroom-level dilemma. This transition has challenged many executives who are now obligated to protect their organization's critical assets. Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual provides guidance to any executive who find themselves shouldering oversight responsibility for information security. The Security Battleground team-of-authors designed this book to provide practical advice for security-obligated executives, that is, for business executives with or without formal backgrounds in security processes or technologies. Security Battleground provides ways in which executives can evaluate information security with a mix of examples, exercises, and lessons learned. The case studies and exercises are based on the authors' extensive hands-on experience with security-obligated executives, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and members of security teams. Reader Quotes Refreshing! Finally a playbook that moves beyond the technical security stalemate by providing a strategic map for partnering, prioritizing and funding a successful security campaign.Security Battleground is the comprehensive field guide for assessing the full landscape and fighting the right battles. - Denise Wood, CVP & Chief Information Security Officer, FedEx Corporation Having worked with this team for years, I believe that sharing their experiences in this format can help executives succeed. This book speaks to the current pressures and challenges that executives face in dealing with security. It takes a practical approach that balances a strong security posture with a viable business strategy. Security Battleground reaffirms my own belief that security planning must be based on a thorough understanding of the business to be effective. - Gene Fredriksen, CISO, Tyco The Security Battleground authors have amassed years of experience as trusted advisors for CSOs and CISOs around the globe. The result is a goldmine of knowledge for non-technical executives who have an obligation to ensure corporate security. - Brett Wahlin, CSO, Sony
The history and legend of the Battle of Brier Creek in Georgia during the American Revolution. Illustrated with color photos and maps. Biographical sketches of British Captain Aeneas Mackintosh and Continental Colonel John McIntosh. The chapter "Bodies in Motion" describes the reburials of Samuel Elbert and John McIntosh.
Military history of Georgia in the American Revolution, with emphasis on two sieges of Fort Morris at Sunbury. Biographical sketches of Continental Colonel John McIntosh and his relative British Captain Roderick 'Rory' McIntosh. Color photos of Fort Morris Historic Site and related sites, including Midway, Savannah, Darien, Fort Barrington, Mallow, Fair Hope and Brier Creek.
Describes the effect that Asia's exploding population will have on the supply of freshwater, discusses how the scarcity of this resource will give rise to territorial disputes and security implications and proposes strategies to avoid conflict and create equitable sharing.

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