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In this comprehensive history of American Indian education in the United States from colonial times to the present, historians and educators Jon Reyhner and Jeanne Eder explore the broad spectrum of Native experiences in missionary, government, and tribal boarding and day schools. This up-to-date survey is the first one-volume source for those interested in educational reform policies and missionary and government efforts to Christianize and “civilize” American Indian children. Drawing on firsthand accounts from teachers and students, American Indian Education considers and analyzes shifting educational policies and philosophies, paying special attention to the passage of the Native American Languages Act and current efforts to revitalize Native American cultures.
Theoretical Perspectives on American Indian Education introduces four prominent theoretical perspectives on American Indian education: cultural discontinuity theory, structural inequality, interactionalist theory, and transculturation theory. By including readings that each feature a theoretical perspective, Huffman provides a comparison of each perspective's basic premise, fundamental assumptions regarding American Indian education, implications, and associated criticisms. Bringing together treatments on a variety of theories into one work, this book integrates current scholarship and discussions for researchers, students, and professionals involved in American Indian education.
Analyzes American Indian education in the last century and compares the tribal, mission, and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools.

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