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Witnessing the addiction of a family member or loved one is a heart-rending experience. But hope can prevail, as shown in this compelling new book. In Addict In The Family, the gripping stories of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of addicts offer important lessons on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.
Helps families who have a loved one suffering from an addiction learn important lessons on loving, detachment, intervention, and self-care. Witnessing the addiction of a family member or loved one is a heart-rending experience. But hope can prevail, as shown in this compelling revised and updated book. In Addict in the Family, the gripping stories of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of addicts offer important lessons on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.
A relative or friend has finally taken those tentative first steps toward sobriety. With the relief of this life-changing course of action comes a new and difficult set of challenges for recovering addicts and those who love them, as the rules and routines of their relationships no longer pertain.Everything Changes assuages fears and uncertainty by teaching loved ones of newly recovering addicts how to navigate the often-tumultuous early months of recovery. Beverly Conyers, author of the acclaimed Addict in the Family, again shares the hope and knowledge that she gained as a parent of a recovering addict by focusing on the aftermath of addiction. She outlines the physical and psychological changes that recovering addicts go through, and she offers practical tools to help family members and friends:build a fresh, rewarding relationship with the addictbe supportive without setting themselves up for disappointmentavoid enabling destructive behaviorset and maintain boundariescope with relapseassist the addict in finding a job and dealing with the stigma of addiction
Libby Cataldi was the head of a private school and prided herself on being attuned to the problems her students endured. So how was it that she missed her own son Jeff's descent into addiction, even as he escalated to more and more dangerous drugs? How did Jeff, a loving brother and son, and a star athlete, start using in the first place? And how could Libby help him without risking the rest of her family? "Stagli vicino", an Italian recovering addict told the author. "Stay close--never leave him, even when he is most unlovable." This is not a book about how to save a child. It is a book about what it means to stay close to a loved one gripped by addiction. It is about one son who came home and one mother who never gave up hope. Stay Close is one mother's tough, honest, and intimate tale that chronicles her son's severe drug addiction, as it corroded all relationships from the inside out. It is a story of deep trauma and deep despair, but also of deep hope--and healing. He told her, "Mom, never quit believing." And she didn't.
The story of one teenager's descent into methamphetamine addiction is told from his father's point of view, describing how a varsity athlete and honor student became addicted to the dangerous drug and its impact on his family.
Addiction can be a launching pad. Healing brings addicts and alcoholics closer to living life with integrity, self-reflection, and in service to others. This journey from addiction to fully functional adult is called recovery. Simply defined, recovery is the practice of behavioral, spiritual and psychological changes beginning with abstinence which encourage a healthy life. Your loved one's progress from addiction to recovery almost always involves you. In the process, you might find a spark for living life with more meaning as well. Just as your addicted loved one needs a path toward healing, you need a path to follow as well. Change does not happen overnight. This book shows you one route. Although it will feel long and painful at points, most of you will find light at the end of it. Written to mirror your journey from fear to surrender, this book includes factual information, psychological theory and a bit of folk wisdom. While many of the examples are about adolescents and young adults, the stories of addiction are applicable regardless of age. The worksheets included in each section are designed to provoke the kind of the thought that leads to insight. There is no single right answer to any of the questions. This is a personal journey of change.
Real-life solutions to help you now! Watching a loved one immersed in an intense battle with alcohol and drug abuse may be the most difficult, complex and harrowing experience you'll ever have.This book offers a message of hope to families and friends, giving practical solutions so they can help anyone struggling with addiction to begin the road to recovery. You'll discover: -Why a person doesn't have to hit rock-bottom before getting help. (page 111) -When helping is actually hurting. (page 57) -Why quitting is not the same as recovering. (page 5) -How to deal with a relapse. (page 187) -How to receive 50 percent or more off the cost of treatment. (page 97) -Why a parent would leave their child due to their addiction. (page 245) -Why effective intervention doesn't have to be a surprise attack. (page 49) Answers to over 30 common, and not so common questions. Inspiring first-hand recovery stories from real people! Praise for Why Don't They Just Quit? This book was a God send! I have struggled as a parent of an addict for years, and now I am finally able to see that it is not in my ability to heal him! This book was life changing, LIFE CHANGING! I can now begin to recover myself, even if my child doesn't! Thank you Joe, for writing this book! --Shelley K. (parent) Joe's book helps us to understand the addiction and recovery process. He combines a lifetime of personal and professional experience dealing with this issue in a practical and highly personal overview.The book is excellent. I wish I had read it a year ago. --Sheriff Joe Pelle, Boulder County, Colorado As a Mother, I found this book to be full of empathy, tough-love and practical information.I especially appreciate that Joe included the spiritual part of recovery, which other resources often avoid. Most importantly, the underlying message that I learned was that anyone can recover. --Vicki Beatty, Celebrate Recovery Leader/Covenant Chapel, Leawood, Kansas This book will be valued by many, many people. A very meaningful gift of God's grace to families who need sanity in the middle of their runaway insanity. --Mike Richards Jr., Director of Recovery Ministries/International Bible Society, Houston, Texas Your story has encouraged me and helped me to deal with my son's problems and has given me great peace as a parent. I can put away the guilt and the shame, pick up my own pieces and move forward,helping him to do the same. --Kathy Cowley, Parent, Longmont, Colorado . . . stayed up late last night reading various parts of it; inspiring! This book is for people like me; someone with chemically addicted people in their life--a must read for the addicted and those who care about them. --Donna Schwartz, MFT, CAC III Valley Hope Treatment Services in Colorado, former Family Program Therapist of Parker Valley Hope Treatment Center Many of you reading this book are facing the battle of your life. Alcohol and drugs consumed my daughter's life. I can't put into words the anguish of attending my daughter's funeral. I wish I would have had this book long ago. Maybe Mia would still be here. I didn't know how to help her. This book is full of answers I could have used.--Pam M. (Mia's Mom), Niwot, Colorado This book is a must read . . . I consider Why Don't They Just Quit? to be one of the top five recovery books for families. --Nicholas Taylor, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, National Expert on the Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction New! Revised/Updated Edition (contains valuable new insights, resource info and first-person accounts from parents who have struggled and won!)

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